Tech talks

TimeMate - How to make Time & Microservices work for you with Golang and GRPC

Dec 18, 2021

This is a demo project to automate daily routines of consultancy agent (developer).

  • track time over different platform, which you’re comfortable with.
  • synchronize tracked time entries with a customer’s software, e.g. Jira, YouTrack.
  • create regular (monthly, weekly) time reports in a PDF.
  • create regular invoices (monthly, weekly) in a PDF.
  • send reports/invoices over various of channels, e.g. slack, email.
  • reconcline invoices with a business account to mark that money is received and invoice is paid.
  • tax reporting - once a year we need to sign and send special report to the tax services.

Topics covered:

  • introduce TimeMate project
  • deeper look into gRPC and Google’s Protocol Buffers
  • A quick look into brew package publication process
  • design architecture of system: interfaces, plugins.
  • pick a module system: native golang plugins or (g)RPC plugins

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GooseOps - a handy toolset for adopting DevOps practices into a startup project

Feb 27, 2021

Every time I come into a new company or start a new project, I raise the same problems about making infrastructure and CI/CD for it. That’s why I decided to create a common template, which helps to build those things even faster. Let’s build it here together! Most of the developers use Docker and Kubernetes in their daily tasks. Could we make it better? You never know, so let’s try!

What might we need for a devops project?

  • access to any cloud provider: AWS, DigitalOcean, Google Cloud.
  • basic understanding of Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform.
  • one of the commonly used CI/CD: Github Actions, Gitlab CI, Bitbucket.

During the event we will cover the following topics:

  • Starting to work with Docker for local development.
  • Tips to save your time with Docker.
  • Diving into Kubernetes, k8s annotations, kubectl tricks.
  • Introducing Infrastructure As Code with Terraform.
  • Starting to work with Terraform to set up a private Kubernetes cluster.

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Finovate Middle East. Risk Management as a Service prototype demo

November, 2019

In November 2019 we were demoing at Finovate for the third time – it was Finovate Middle East in Dubai. Similar to previous Finovate conferences which we had honour to be invited in 2018 we keep showing non-personal data efficiency and secure use of biometry for authentication and risk evaluation.

Within last 3 years we have been evolving the ideas of end-user security and using non-personal data and discovered that in many cases this data is sufficient not only to make decision on financial product application but also to build the elements of online application risk monitoring system for both web and mobile channels.

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